Compassionate Dog Training
Our philosophy regarding dog training is simple.  Our ultimate goal is to have you end up with a happy, obedient, well-reounded dog that is a valued addition to your family.

Training: In-Home

Advantages to In-Home Training

  1. It's all done in the convenience of your own home.
  2. For bad behavior that generally occurs at home the trainer can better assess behavior problems and correct them.
  3. Many times dogs (and people for that matter) act differently at home than in a group class. By observing the interactions of the whole family with the dog at home the trainer can get a clear picture of how to correct problems.
  4. The dog owners and the dog get undivided attention from the trainer.

Myth: Dogs need to go to a group class to get socialization.

Fact: Your in-home trainer will give you suggestions where to socialize your dog. Part of your weekly homework will be to take your dog to a public place at least three times a week. Further, dogs are so distracted in group class that it's harder to teach basic obedience in a group setting.

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