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Obesity In Pets Create Serious Health Risks

Obesity in pets is a serious problem in this country. I can say from personal experience what a difference an extra fifteen pounds can make. I was one of the large numbers of pet owners who overfed their dog and thought nothing of it; that is until by fourteen-year-old German Shepherd mix, Heidi, was no longer able to lift herself up to a standing position. I would have to lift her 85 plus- pound body to a standing position. She would then hobble and waddle on stilt legs out side, do her business, and hobble back inside, only to lie down again. It was not much of a life for her anymore.

I brought her to the vet for a consultation, contemplating whether or not I should put her to sleep. I questioned her quality of life. Sitting at the vet's office, Heidi sitting by my side, memories of the joy we shared for the past 13 years flooded through my mind. In her younger years she was our Nana, always keeping a close watch on her family, ready to warn us of any potential danger. She was my shadow, who kept me company by following me from room to room and resting at my feet each time I sat down. I was stricken with grief at the thought of losing her. Sitting in the white plastic chair in the waiting room, the smell of medicine heavy in the air, my heart was heavier than I ever could have imagined. Looking down at her soft, gray face, full of trust in me, and seeing her milky-brown eyes tired and weary, I struggled with what to do. I decided after meeting with the doctor it was not time to say goodbye. I would do whatever I had to do to get her more comfortable and mobile so she could be with me just a little longer.

Helping her out of the van and into the house I thought up my plan. Putting her on a diet was my first order of business. I cut her food portion by a third and stopped giving her dog biscuits and raw hides. I replaced the biscuits and rawhides with carrots. I began walking her once a day. In the beginning she could only walk a half of a block and she huffed and puffed the entire walk. By the end of the third week we were walking four or five blocks! Her energy level was higher and she eagerly shuffled down the road, her ears perked up at sights and sounds around her. Like old times she barked at dogs and people we passed in a raspy, old-dog voice. I gave her daily medication for her arthritis, which seemed to relieve her aches and pains. Within 30 days she had lost over ten pounds and was getting up on her own.

Today my dear old friend, Heidi is still alive and well. She is as content and happy as a very old girl can be. I do not question anymore that at least for the time being she has a quality life. I never thought she'd live to see another snowfall but here we are and she gets to feel the snow on her paws once more. As for me, I learned a big lesson. I will never allow any of my pets to get so overweight again.

I have taken my new way of thinking a step further and include food and exercise as part of my overall dog-training program. What I have found is many pet owners are a lot like I was-unaware of the serious long term affects on obesity in their dogs. Following the progress of my client's dogs that were on a diet and exercise program pet owners have reported that their dogs seem so much happier and healthier than they were before. If you are looking at your dog or cat and think they could loose some weight I hope you will decide to follow my example and begin a diet and exercise program. Your pet will thank you for it.

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