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Summer Pet Precautions

Summer has blasted its hot, sticky breath on us once again this year. No surprise-we are in the Midwest. But some precautions must be taken to insure your pet's safety this time of year. Dogs should not be outside during the day for any length of time (out and in to go potty). Walks should be reserved for early morning or later evening. A backpack with water and a bowl is important and you should regularly offer water to your pup during your excursion. Many dogs love to romp in their fenced yards. Consider putting a baby pool filled with water out there for their pleasure. It's a great way for them to cool off. Be sure to change the water regularly.

Never, ever leave your dog in the car when it's over 65-70 degrees outside. The car acts as an oven and could quickly cause your dog to dehydrate, get heat stroke and even die. If you should see a dog left in a car, regardless of whether the window is cracked open, call the police. Wait there for them and insist that they open the door and get the dog out. They are usually very helpful and will stick around until the owner comes back.

Cats should not be let outside at all but those of you that insist on doing so regardless of the dangers must consider the hot weather. Cats should be provided ample water and shade and allowed inside whenever they wish. Ideally keeping them inside during the hot weather would be best.

Even though most birds are tropical they have been acclimated to a regulated indoor cool temperature so they too can overheat in the summer if put outside without the proper precautions. Birds left outside in their cage to bask in the sun should be under partial shade, provided fresh water and checked on regularly. They can be misted with cool water from a bottle.

A Sad Story
A couple months ago a friend of mine that works at a local pet store told me a very sad story. A man came in carrying a box. He said he had a guinea pig he could no longer keep. He asked if she would take it. My friend opened the box to take a look at the little guy and found him dead inside. The man had left the guinea pig in the box, without large holes for ventilation, in his hot car and it had died from the heat. The man was horrified, my friend sickened. So no matter the kind of animal the heat can be dangerous.

And Remember
Please have your pet spayed or neutered. The overpopulation of pets is astounding and heartbreaking. Shelters all over the country have no choice but kill thousands of perfectly healthy dogs and cats. Frown upon people breeding dogs or cats because they can make a buck, think of the sad faces of animals in shelters. Lastly, speak about it and share the information in an educational, loving way that will promote change.

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