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Say a Prayer For a Black Lab

Oh was I livid. I don't get angry easily and try hard to be forgiving of people's ignorance, but this was just too much. About two weeks ago I stopped at a garage sale in Libertyville with my husband Chuck. The house was a nice split level in a desirable part of town. But that was about all that was nice about this house-or shall I say its inhabitance.

We walked up the drive and into the garage where a variety of objects sat on tables. I noticed a small child crouched on the floor playing with a toy. I heard the toy make noise so I zoned in on it. It was one of those cute electronic dogs that when put by its water or food dish made chewing and slurping noises. I laughed as I watched the little girl make the dog drink water.

The girl's mom, and the homeowner, was standing near by so I jokingly said, "so is this your daughter's only dog or does she have another? "Oh, that's it, "she answered. I thought to myself, boy this must be a parent's way of pacifying a child who wants a dog- pretty-sorry substitute. I continued to browse the sale items.

It was then I heard a low growl and looking ahead of me I noticed a small black lab in the garage behind a makeshift wire and wood cage. The cage obviously led to some sort of run on the side of the property. The dog seemed nervous and agitated. Surprised I said to the homeowner, "oh, I thought you said you didn't have a dog." She replied, "Oh, that's just our hunting dog. My husband takes the dog hunting. He's gotta clean that pen though. I'm not doing it."

I peered at the area she was indicating. The pen was about five foot by three feet, dog feces scattered about the floor of the small area. I said, "You mean the dog lives out there?" "Yeah, she hates it inside, freaks her out. I tried bringing her in once and she just bolted for the door." I could feel my blood beginning to boil.

"If you leave a dog in a small enclosed area without human contact and without running and playing room of course they are going to be terrified if after a long time you bring them in the house for a minute or two." I went on to tell her that dogs are meant to be with people and do not fair well not having daily human contact. They can become aggressive, scared and unmanageable. I went on, "How would you like to be stuck in a small area by yourself all the time?" I told her that it was very cruel what they were doing. My voice was not raised nor was I confrontational, I made a point to force myself to remain calm. Shouting would only have made her think I was a nut.

Her response, "well, my husband would debate you on that." The whole time she never appeared remorseful, worried or at the very least questioning. Instead she seemed indifferent as if the dog was a mere object verses a living, breathing soul. My short observation of the dog and how the dog owner described him he has been ruined by this treatment and only serious rehabilitation could save him.

If I had thought to ask her I would have said, "what will happen to the dog when he becomes too old to hunt or when your husband no longer wants to hunt? And really, how often does your husband take her hunting? Having a small child I doubt the man goes hunting several times a week." People like them should have their dogs taken away from them. But unfortunately by law as long as the dog has food, water and shelter there is nothing that can be done. I left the garage sale with a heavy heart and a strong dislike for this unfeeling, cold, inhumane family in Libertyville. Then I said a prayer that somehow the dog would get out of its jail and find a new life full of love.

This past week I was walking my dogs around the neighborhood with a friend and happened to pass the house with the dog. I could hear it barking from his tiny chain link prison. For a minute I had the urge to steal the dog but what would I do with a dog with such bad behavior problems anyway? Instead I mentally promised the dog I would pray for him and when this article was printed would stick a copy of it in their mailbox. You never know, maybe a light bulb will go off or they'll find a heart and change their ways? I won't hold my breath.

And Remember
Please have your pet spayed or neutered. The overpopulation of pets is astounding and heartbreaking. Shelters all over the country have no choice but kill thousands of perfectly healthy dogs and cats. Frown upon people breeding dogs or cats because they can make a buck, think of the sad faces of animals in shelters. Lastly, speak about it and share the information in an educational, loving way that will promote change.

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Petey and Joy are 8-month-old border collie/Springer spaniel mixes. They are sweet brothers with a lot of energy and love to give. They are great with kids and other dogs. The "boys" as we call them were rescued from a kill shelter and placed in a foster home until they can be adopted together or separately. They would love an active home where they can run and play. Being that they are Border collie mixes they would probably excel at agility and obedience training. If you are interested in adopting either or both boys please e-mail or call 847-816-0831.

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