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The Overpopulation Dilemma
Puppies Abandoned Behind a Gas Station

The Overpopulation Dilemma

At this very moment millions of dogs and cats live and die in animal shelters throughout the United States. Many more reside in temporary foster care homes. Why? There are many reasons. People buy a pet and give it up due to allergies, behavior problems or a move to a new location that doesn't allow animals. People let their cat outside or it escapes and it gets lost. Dogs run away and owners cannot locate them or don't try to find them. Some people literally kick their pet out of the house or leave it somewhere like a forest preserve or rural area because they no longer want it. I knew someone years ago who dropped her two cats off in a rural area thinking they could fend for themselves, which of course is impossible.

There is the horrific illegal business practice of underground dog fighting. When the business is discovered the place is shut down and the dogs are placed in shelters. Many of the dogs are permanently ruined because of their previous experiences. Pet owners who don't get their pet spayed because they don't think it's necessary or are afraid it will alter the dog's personality many times end up with a pregnant dog. The opposite is the intact male who is gallivanting the neighborhood impregnating intact females. Then there's the person that wants to get their dog or cat pregnant for "the experience of it." There are the amateur "dog breeder" that wants to make a quick buck breeding their dog with someone else's dog. Many puppy mill breeders (people who breed poor quality, genetically-deficient dogs until they can no longer produce) give them up to a shelter. There are also the people who buy the pet and when it is no longer convenient, their children lose interest or they can no longer afford it, they give the animal the boot.

Dogs and cats are the most commonly known pets in shelters and foster care homes but they are not the only kind of animal. There are shelters and foster care organizations for ferrets, rabbits, reptiles and birds, to name a few. It's a sad state we are in. Things must change.

It is vital that we teach people to spay and neuter their pets. People need to think long and hard before buying a pet and understand the commitment they are making is for the life of the pet. We need to teach children now about the dilemma and what it takes to be a responsible pet owner.

There are some low cost spay and neuter programs available. One local non-profit organization that assists with this is Aid to Animals Rescue 847-458-6325 or We also have a list of animal shelters and non-profit animal organizations. For a list, contact us. Please pass the word. Promote responsible pet ownership in your town, to your family and friends and to anyone within earshot. When speaking to people be sure to be to kind and gentle so they do not turn away from your help or get defensive.

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