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Dog Parks

Lake County Forest Preserve dog parks are wonderful places to take your dog to have fun and frolic with other dogs. In order to visit any of the numerous parks you must either pay a per-use fee, which can be paid at the park, or buy a yearly permit. While the parks are a great way to exercise and socialize your dog they are not meant for all dogs and there are precautions to take when visiting them.

The dog parks are not a good option for you if:

1. Your dog is aggressive or extremely shy.
2. Your dog is fragile or old.
3. Your dog is a puppy and has not yet received all his/her shots.
4. Your female dog is in heat.
5. Your dog is shy/aggressive with other people.
6. You don't like it when you or your dog gets muddy and dirty.
7. Your dog is sick or you are suspicious he/she has an illness.

When visiting a dog park, take these precautionary steps to be sure you and your dog are safe:

1. Never leave your dog unattended.
2. Only unleash your dog if you are sure he/she will not run away.
3. Watch other dogs very carefully. If you notice another dog being aggressive towards people or dogs leave that area and go elsewhere in the park.
4. Never assume that other dog owners will be as responsible as you are.
5. Avoid bringing treats or food to the park unless you want to be constantly bothered by other dogs wanting your snacks.
6. Make sure your dog is up to date on all his/her shots.
7. Be sure your dog has all his/her proper ID tags on his/her collar.
8. Clean up after your dog. Bags are provided at the parks at no charge.
9. Bring water and a bowl for your dog in case he/she gets thirsty.
10. Never assume that the dog park is completely fenced in, even if it is stated that it is.
11. DO NOT use a retractable leash at the park (for that matter anywhere). They are very dangerous and can injure you, your dog or someone else.

To receive more information about dog parks in your area and to receive an application visit:

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